Product Overview

StirrPlanner produces daily schedules for traveling clinicians to maximize the number of appointments and minimize distance traveled. Merely optimizing a travel route is not enough. Since patients/customers must agree on an appointment date and time, scheduling these appointments in such a way that creates an efficient itinerary for the traveling worker is difficult and impossible to scale. StirrPlanner seamlessly and with no need for geographical knowledge enables the centralized scheduler (such as a call center) to make appointments that minimize travel distance and time for the mobile worker.

Reducing unnecessary travel allows for more appointments, decreases travel reimbursements, and improves customer satisfaction.


Scheduling Solution For Your Mobile Workforce

Your mobile workforce employee has 7, 8, maybe 10 appointments each day. And when you schedule their itinerary their travel is grossly inefficient and much time is wasted behind the wheel. If you could do it better, you might squeeze in another 1 or 2 appointments. Reimbursement for travel would decrease and you’d spend less time rescheduling.

StirrPlanner knows where your mobile worker is located and where they will be.

StirrPlanner also knows the locations of your customers and prospects to allow you to offer appointment times that are efficient for your traveling worker. Days of guessing are over. Looking at maps is unnecessary.

With StirrPlanner, optimizing travel is automatic.