At StirrData, we are experts in call center processes and healthcare software. Choose from our line of services or let us build custom for you.

About Us!

Our Approach

Our background is in healthcare logistics, working with payers and their member populations.

Our experience enables us to anticipate and solve problems before they become critical. For contact centers, we provide bandwidth to the IT team and produce calm so they can focus on growth.

For payers and vendors, we have carefully designed solutions around in-home care logistics, scheduling of staff, and data management.

StirrData emerges with solutions that make sense.

Our Professionals


Michael Yom


Before founding StirrData, Mike co-founded HealPros, an Atlanta-based healthcare logistics company. He previously served as CEO of Biofield Corp, a Philadelphia-based medical device producer and was Executive Vice President of Encapsulation Systems.

Fred Bender


Before founding StirrData, Fred founded PFIT, a Philadelphia-based IT company specializing in healthcare software. Fred currently serves as board president of Dyslexia Awareness Network and holds US Patents in voice technology.
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