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At StirrData, we are experts in healthcare, logistics, in-home services, and automation. These are the foundations on which our solutions are built. Choose from our line of services or let us build custom for you.


Our Solutions

Using proprietary technology, StirrEngine and StirrPlanner leverage AI and intuitive interfaces to relieve what are now burdensome and inefficient processes.


The core of StirrData’s proprietary technology is an online platform and portal – StirrEngine


StirrPlanner produces daily schedules for traveling clinicians to maximize..


StirrConnect is an elegant alternative to the current process used by staffing agencies to fill job orders..

StirrConnect – Nursing Homes

StirrConnect is an elegant alternative to the current process used by staffing agencies to fill job orders.

Diabetes Management Program

StirrData provides a full diabetes management program to help health plans with their diabetic member population.

Remote Employee Monitoring & Self-Reporting

Many employees may prefer to work from home during these trying times.

About Us!

Our Approach

We clean up the clutter of complicated and confusing data sets, allowing for more insightful analysis to guide your actions. 

Our mission is to find pragmatic solutions to nagging problems. We recognize that in large amounts of data, there are hidden insights and knowledge that can be mined using artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, to find meaningful and valuable answers, experienced domain experts must decide which data is useful; what are the insights we are looking to gain; what and how to best use the analytical tools available to us.

At StirrData, we strive to create solutions not to change the world but to help bring order to your world. From the paralysis of boundless data, StirrData emerges with solutions that make sense.

Our Professionals

Meet Our Expertise

Michael Yom


Before founding StirrData, Mike co-founded HealPros, an Atlanta-based healthcare logistics company. He previously served as CEO of Biofield Corp, a Philadelphia-based medical device producer and was Executive Vice President of Encapsulation Systems.

Fred Bender


Before founding StirrData, Fred founded PFIT, a Philadelphia-based IT company specializing in healthcare software. Fred currently serves as board president of Dyslexia Awareness Network and holds US Patents in voice technology.
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